Case Study on a MabsArts Project

The way MabsArts works is very particular. We do not work like most freelancers out there. We have a proven 3 step process that ensure high quality images, great customer service and efficiency.

Step 1: Pre-Production:

During this stage of the MabsArts process, the buyer is asked a series of questions about their projects in order to ensure we are all in the same page.
We then create 2 concepts for the buyer to approve of and review.

Step 2: Production

At this stage the buyer has picked one of the two concepts we provided and we send them a final sketch to approve of before jumping to the finalizing stage. (If there is a tight timeline, we jump straight into the finalizing stage after the revisions have been made.)
We complete the image and finalize this stage.

Step 3: Post Production

Now the last step is ensuring that our branding stays consistent throughout as many orders as possible, as well as presenting the buyer with the proper files and a good experience while receiving the final work.
Depending on the order type, we create branded images to use for showcase in our portfolio. This images can be of mock-ups or of the final image plus a zoom in, or simply just the final work. It helps the buyer see what they have received without having to open it anywhere else and potentially having them see a weird display of the finished product.
At this point we either close the order when the buyer marks the order as completed, or they ask for modifications.

*** Modification Stage***

The modification stage can last as long as it needs to, but it helps everyone if the revisions are made in a list.
– different color for background
– bigger eyes
– smaller nose
When revisions are written in a big paragraph some things can be lost in translation.
Once the buyer is satisfied they mark the order as completed, leave a review and another customer has been delighted.
Let us know what you think of our process, is there anything you would like to see added to it that might help more customers?

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