3 types of digital art and what they mean for your business

In the world of online art services there are many types of different file formats, mediums, and categories. Today we will explain 3 of them and what they mean for your business.

1- Vector Art:

If you follow our blog you will know that I have a big love for this kind of art. Vector art is created using a program that translates colors and strokes into mathematical equations. Benefits:
– Resize without loosing quality
– Print Ready
– Very professional
This type of art is perfect for logos, stationary, and branding.
File formats: (.ai) (.eps)

2- Raster Art:

Raster art is created very much like traditional art but using digital brushes and techniques (most often done with Adobe Photoshop). This type of digital art is wonderful if you are trying to get painterly work or traditional looking work but with the benefits of digital art.
– Big range in color
– Mimick traditional meidums like (watercolor, oil, chalk)
– Achieve incredible levels of details
File formats: (.psd)

3- Digital Animation:

This type of digital art comes in two ways. 2d animation or 3d animation. Today we will talk specifically about 2d animation. This sort of animation is created using programs like Adobe Flash and Toonboom. They are great for sending a message to your audience or for creating content.
– Fast and beautiful
– Audio friendly
– Narrative friendly
File formats (.mp4) (.fla) (.swf)

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