Kindness is the best Marketing Strategy

“treating everyone with respect and dignity” aren’t just a way to guide a single company. They can be, when authentic, a way of influencing others and hopefully affecting positive change in the world. If we treat others with respect and dignity, perhaps they will begin doing the same thing in their own dealings, and, as it spreads, and “goes viral” it makes at least part of the world a better place.

-Clint Watson

I just can’t say this enough. Be grateful, be thankful, be appreciative. This will grow your business more than any newsletter, to-do list, or time management tool. Kindness makes your heart grow, and a big heart means a happy person.

Happiness inspires, transcends fears and obstacles, happiness will allow you to make the tough decisions without having to be tough. So be kind, be kind with your clients, with your art, with your business and most importantly with yourself.

Smile while you work, don’t force it. Simply find ways to work in which you are constantly smiling.

Some tips:

  • Write
  • Listen to Music
  • Go for walks
  • Take time to meditate

In general, all you truly have to do is be happy. Everything else will follow.


**Happy Halloween Creepy Crawlers**

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