The Inner Truth

Sometimes it is very hard to create because we do not know where our inner most creativity comes from. We often go around life in automatic; constructing and deconstructing things as we go along in a sort of a reactionary way. An example of this is the to-do list.

Piling up things on the to-do list gives us a bit of control of things, however many times what this does is drive us further away from being in the moment, because we are so focused on completing tasks rather than actually enjoying the work we have in front of us.

These habits I too have fallen into, and it is my believe that the reason we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life is because we lose sight of our inner truths.

So today I would like to focus on a couple of ways we can find our inner truths, and once again get in tune with what really matters.


If you’ve read this blog more than once you already know how big on meditation I am. Meditation allows you to focus on one thing at a time, and slows down everything else.

By focusing on our breath while we meditate we allow our mind to work through tough problems in the background, this allows for eureka moments once we circle back into our waking life.

Taking 5 minutes out of your day to just sit down, close your eyes and meditate will help you feel much better, throughout the day, it will also help you in the long term, as repeated exposure to meditation alters the neural pathways in your brain, meaning that the next time you close your eyes to meditate it will be easier than the last time, and then the next time will be easier, and easier and so on.

Emotions Inventory

It is so easy to go around life without noting what you’ve done, or what you’re doing and where you are heading, but this only leads to forgetfulness. We forget our accomplishments so we are never truly satisfied with what we do. We forget our failures so we truly never learn what we did wrong, and end up repeating it again, and again.

This is why I encourage you to at some point, when you feel like there’s time in your schedule and it sparks joy in you (like Mary Kondo would say), to grab a note pad and jot down some thoughts.

A good rule of thumb is to just write whatever comes to your head.

Your body and mind now what you need to do to feel better, or enjoy life just a little bit more so take the time to listen through them via the page.

However if you feel at a lost here a couple of questions you could answer for yourself:

1- What can I notice right now?

2- Where is my awareness?

3- Do I need to let go of something?

4- How do I feel right now? (Jut down your emotions back to back for a couple of seconds, jot down at least 5 emotions.)

5- Where do I need to be right now?

6- How can I be more present in my life?

7- Do I feel resistance towards something? Why?

8- Is there anything I need to let go of right now?

9- Am I living a fulfilling life?

*there are two questions that deal with letting go, because I feel that the reason we so often hold ourselves back from our highest potential is because we are holding on to, old ways of thinking. By letting go we rid ourselves of the old and make new ways for the new.

Seek Knowledge

Read a good book.

End of Blog.

Hahahaha naaaah’ just kidding, but seriously read more, there are so many things to read out there. You can subscribe to some blogs (like this one *wink*) or join some email newsletters around things that you enjoy, or simply check out some cool books you are interested in, the point of it all is to just go out there and seek that knowledge that you need to elevate your life to the next level whatever that level may be.

And with books there are so many ways to enjoy them that you literally can never go wrong with a good book, whether it’s a paperback or a hardcover, an ebook or an audiobook, sometimes the answers you seek are waiting on the next page of that book taking up dust in your nightstand.

In Regards to this whole seek knowledge business, there is one more resource you need to explore for seeking information to further the inner truth inside you, and that is the internet.

We waste so much time on social media, that just a couple minutes in education mode while searching the internet can yield incredible results, just imagine all the things one can learn online on sites like, youtube, wikipedia or the full spectrum of course based learning, colleges and apprenticeships online. Education is endless, and it is with this thought that I bring you one last tool, because it is dangerous to go alone Link.

I bring you Sparketype, a personality/trait test by the awesome people at The Good Life Project

I’m gonna go ahead and copy paste their description now, and leave you with this tool, m last thoughts are that you need to take this test, whenever you are feeling stuck remind yourself of your inner truth, and everything will resolve itself.

~ Antonio “Mabs”

You are about to discover​ ​your Sparketype™, the essential nature of work that fills you with meaning and lets you feel fully-expressed, alive with​ ​purpose and absorbed in flow (“sparked”). Your Sparketype serves as one of the single biggest clues in your quest to figure out what to do with what the poet, Mary Oliver, called your “one wild and precious life.” ​


As you move through the questions, ​take your time and answer as accurately and ​honestly as possible. Do not answer in a way that ​reflects how you “wished” you felt or th​ought​ you “should” feel. If you do this, you will likely be assigned a Sparketype that is not accurate, and it will not be helpful in your quest to figure out what you’re here to do.

​Now, it’s time to discover your Sparketype!

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