5 Habits of a succesful mind

Recordar: Traer algo a la memoria.

A healthy brain is all you need to create a healthy life. This is because unlike a healthy body, the brain is the epicenter of the being, where the soul recides. Right there in the pituitary gland is where the soul sits. Through this center of energy you can shape yourself, your life, and your universe.

Below are 5 habits to adopt to keep that brain healthy and making great choices.

1- Eat whenever you feel hungry:

Your body is much smarter than you think! Listen to it. Whenever you truly feel hungry eat, and viceversa. When you don’t feel hungry, don’t eat. Stop overeating and undereating. Listen to your body.

2- Sleep well:

8hrs or 12, or 15. Whatver you truly need to sleep your body will tell you, listen to it! When you are truly rested you will be able to perform at your peak.

3- The drugs, man the drugs:

You have two options here, either stop them or be cautious. Nothing else. That’s the gist of it, I smoke a lot of marijuana, been like that for years, but I hardly ever take any pills. My curse and my blessing. Slowly of course eating from my own cauldron and I’ve been taking steps to clean myself up and stop all drug use, but in the meantime it is important that you be very careful. Not only with illegal or controlled substances but with medicine too. Do not over use this, listen to a doctor, and then stop when they tell you too. I have issues with doctors in general but not with health, so be very mindful of what you put into your body.

4- Treat your body like a temple:

Just be mindful! That sexy white, black, orange, or (insert any color of the spectrum here) is a temple and should be treated as such. Nothing more and nothing else, and no, this does not mean to stop all “sinful” activities. Not at all. Drink all you want, smoke all you want, eat all you want. Just be conscious of your decisions, be present. If you are drinking with friends, enjoy yourself be happy, treat your friends nicely, be mindful! Nothing does more wonder to the body than the beauty of the present moment and this can be achieved at any point and activity in time. Be present, mindful and honest with your temple and she will treat you in kind.

5- Meditate constantly:

There is a thing called the field of unlimited potentiality, this field is where everything and nothing exists, it’s where everything in the universe comes from, and it can be accessed through meditation. The darkness and silence you experience during meditation are clear signs of the field. Whenever you are in the field, the universe listens to you with unhindered attention, so meditation combined with powerful positive affirmations will allow you to change your life, and tune you into the frequency of your destiny.

Let the river carry you towards your highest plane of existance.

I love you! Have a great day, and keep that brain healthy!


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