Doing a lot vs doing what matters

It’s easy to say this, but not very easy to maintain, so here are a couple of tips to help you (and me) maintain it.

Tip Number 1!

Find a balance:

Although we are trying to maintain a routine of doing what matters and forgetting the rest. We need to find a balance between “work” and “rest” (what matters) (the rest).

This balance will be apparent to you as you go forward in your journey. For example, we at MabsArts find that as freelancers, our best work is down in spans of 3-5 days, then a rest period of 2 days and back at it. Perhaps in the future this is something we can improve on, to create more, personally that would be wonderful.

Find your balance baby, work a couple of days. See when you’re tired, rest for a couple of days and repeat. Then look at the pattern. That brings us to Tip Number 2!!

Tip Number 2!!

Keep Track of Your Life:

Number that shit! I mean it, it’s important, take the time to write something about your day.

What did you do today?

For how long did you do it?

What do you have to do tomorrow?

I have 3 little notes for tracking what I do, and most of the time it can even be used as marketing material.

1- Blogposts 😉

2- Sketches (easily posted on instagram and facebook)

3- To-Do Lists, which Erika writes for me. (I love my creative director/love of my life)

One More for Good Measure.

Tip NUMBER 3!!!

Have fun!

Simple. Easy, do it, go have fun, leave enough room for creativity and inspiration, have fun. Really be in the moment. Enjoy yourself!

Can’t say this enough.


find what makes you happy and do it. Don’t do what your parents tell you, what the system tells you, what anyone tells you. Do you. Now, don’t disvalue opinions or advice, just you now apply your own knowledge it’s your life. Live it.

Hope you have a wonderful day today.

❤ Eros

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