Tips on Traveling if you’ve never traveled

I haven’t traveled by airplane, but I do have a subscription to Expedia, and I check those prices almost every day. It allows me the motivation to work towards my dreams of travelling the world on an airplane. Every day I sit and my desk and look at what inspire me, I am able to do more and better work.

Even though I have not taken an airplane yet, I do love travelling. Roadtrips, new places and new routes are something I adore, it allows me to expand my mind and my soul, it helps me reach harder and with more intention the dreams of flying.

For some it’s something they do on a weekly, to monthly basis. Others like me have never gone further than the beach of their home island, but we all dream nonetheless, we dream that some day we will be able to fulfill all of our heart’s desires and when that they comes, I know it will be because we tried, we took new paths to reach our goals, because we did our share to improves our lives.

Happy Travels my fellow Life Travelers.

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