Sara-Rae: Spiritually Inspired

Today for our very first interview we have the chance to ask the very influential and loving Sara-Rae Hoagland from the wellness and healing blog Sit back, relax and take your healing crystals out, because this is a very motivational reading.

Hello Sara, thank you for being with us. To start off, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Ok! So basic stuff–my husband and I currently live in Denver, Colorado with our two beloved kitties! Each of us are from Minnesota originally and met in college up there. After getting married up in the mountains of Colorado we decided to try living here for a bit. Our dream is to buy a historic home with a bit of land someplace beautiful! I’ve been blogging for two years or so and I’ve been selling my handmade jewelry for almost a year. Crystals are probably my favorite spiritual tool, and I make all my jewelry from genuine crystals with healing intentions.

I love that you are out there carrying the message of spirituality with everything you do; from your art to your blogposts. How did you begin your spiritually inspired path?

Growing up my mom was a huge influence on me spiritually. She taught me that there is always something more out there–and she let me explore all sorts of faiths and beliefs before finding something that felt right to me. She never forced me to believe in anything specific which is something I try to do in my work. My spirituality was very intuitive until I was about 20 years old. I started formally researching and reading anything I could get my hands on that was related to metaphysics. The most influential book I’ve ever read is the Law of One, which speaks volumes of truth to me. More recently I’ve been exploring witchcraft and Paganism in my personal spiritual life, while sharing general spirituality and guidance with my audiences. Like I mentioned, I don’t want to force my personal beliefs onto others. I just want to help people embrace their spiritual side and be open to bigger possibilities. I want to help others discover their personal, spiritual truths and to grow as a person.

Thank you very much for your time Sara, before we part. Do you have any advice for people that still haven’t found their spiritual inspiration?

My number one piece of advice for anybody is to learn to be okay with just yourself in silence. Turn off all distractions and thoughts for at least 10 minutes everyday. If you are willing to be comfortable with just yourself in the quiet, you’ll open yourself up for all sorts of epiphanies and knowledge! I truly think that meditation is the single most important thing in living a spiritual and mindful life. Everything we need to live an inspired life is already within us, we just have to be willing to quiet the mind and listen for it!


Thank you Sara.

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