Cooking, Clothes & Company

Or better yet. How living a good life can make you more money.

It’s simple; the better you treat yourself and others the more you will grow, monetarily, emotionally, physically. Here are three ways that living a proper  life can help you grow your business.


What you put into your body is a direct representation of your relationship with yourself. If you’re eating horrible meals, eating without want or over-eating, you will not have the energy to tackle the tasks that you have ahead of you.

You can follow some basic rules for making your meals more meaningful in your life’s journey.

1- Take your Time (don’t just gobble the food, truly enjoy each bite.)

2- Eat only when you feel hungry (eating whenever you’re stressed or because you are bored will lead to nothing productive.)

3- Eat what yo want (when you force yourself to go on diets that you don’t enjoy, you are adding stress into your life, and this could lead to over eating or under eating.)


What you wear is just as much a factor in how you perceive yourself. If you are not tidy, chances are you have an unkempt lifestyle, how that might not be too good with deadlines, resulting in loses of clients, opportunities and much more.

Without going into preachy territories, I suggest that you try your best to keep your clothes, clean, update your wardrobe occasionally and pick out things that you enjoy. You are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, an artist, a creative. Let it show in your clothes.


A lot of the times we tend to allow toxic people into our lives because for some reason or other we believe that we deserve them in our life, but in reality we have the choice to let these people go. To release ourselves of toxic patterns in both our behaviors and our environments. I once had a not so healthy friend that used to come into my house every day and eat most of my food. Which resulted in me having to break my budget, time and time again to stock up on food for myself.

I never could tell them to just stop, I believed that I deserved this kind of company at the time and it eventually lead to me having to move to a new house due to money issues.

It was a painful lesson, but in the end I learned that one should only keep people that allow you and help you to grow, not that bring you down.

In life all you have to do is maintain yourself in a step of growth, joy and gratitude. Everything else will gravitate towards you. So try out these 3 tips and let life shower you with your ultimate destiny, whether it’s money, fame, or love, live good and you’ll receive it.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

*Extra TIP*

Be mindful of the words you tell yourself. The body is a mirror of the thoughts of the brain, bad thoughts will always result in bad actions. So start cultivating good thoughts in your life.

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