Social Media For Dummies

Hello and welcome all to another session of the MabsArts blog brought to you by MabsArts, the leading art services provider. From illustration to animation, MabsArts has your hand.

Today we will be discussing how to keep up with the endless stream of social media content any business should be creating in our current digital age. Whether it’s for marketing purposes or simply to interact with your audience, here are some tips to improve your social media game.

1- Buffer that Baby!

Posting something every day can be a soul drenching task; if it’s not writing the content, it’s finding it. And every day you have to look for that little nugget of gold again. That can be a very difficult endeavor, so instead of having to come up with content every day. Try out an app like and just write a bunch of posts one day and schedule them. For us, building our buffer is more important than even posting. This can take a day to a couple of weeks but the results are worth it. No more rushing to post something every day, just sit back, write and then enjoy.

2- Show Gratitude

When someone comments, they have taken the time to engage with your content. Essentially engaging with you. Ignoring them is not a polite response, it’s not even nice. Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to answer everything you get, but do show gratitude. Whether it’s holding contests, giveaways or simply liking the posts, show them that you appreciate them somehow. This will develop your connections, and leave way for a stronger brand impact. Plus it’s just kind, be kind for kindness sake.

3- Don’t Give Up!

Everything you post is adding to chain. Like a snowball, each post adds to the size of the snowball. So don’t give up, it might take you a while to reach the millions, but keep at it. Develop a plan and stick to it. You will reach your goal, we believe in you.

Let us know what other things you do on social media in the comments section below.

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