Handling your business

This week we’re in a real money kick. Changing negative perceptions of an energy makes you ponder and reflect deeply on your problem areas.

Today we will be talking about an issue that can be close to many of our hearts. Debt. Wether you owe the government, your mom, or a friend, debt can sometimes be a huge stressor. This is why today we will be listing some reason as to why it’s important to pay your debts, save money and spend mindfully.

1- Why pay off debt?

It saves you money in the long-run as most debts are rid with interests, paying them slowly will result in paying them for a longer period of time.

It is also a huge stress release, if you owe rent and you pay that off, you immidietly lose the idea of being thrown-out which I assure you can be stressful for everyone.

2- How Managing your Money reduces risk of debt

If being financially free is the epitome of most humans living in our consumerist society, then being deeply in debt is the negative equivalent of our collective financial nirvana.

By implementing tactics and mindfulness spending you run the risk of not overspending. Staying within your budget and investing in your future are ways that mindful spending can help you reach further towards the nirvana.

Once you start feeling like every time you don’t go out in favor of investing in yourself and your dreams, you’ll start enjoying the process of mindfully spending.

3- Allow yourself Abudance

Most of us, spend time worrying about wether we’re going to make it through the next check. This sink or swim lifestyle is incredibly stressful, and is very unconductive of an abundant lifestyle. The sort of lifestyle can be achieved by anyone and everyone. Take 15 minutes of your days and just meditate on your current financial situation. Every time you feel bad/sad/angry or confused, breathe out the blockage, and trust that the universe will resolve that entanglement of energy in the most efficient way possible. Repeat to yourself.

“All my financial needs are met by the universe, I have a loving relationship with money.”

Just breathe, rinse and repeat.

You deserve abudance, and with these tips you will achieve it.

May you be blessed with the financial freedom you’ve always known was yours.

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