MabsArts Podcast

Hello, wonderful people. It is through this means that I officially announce the MabsArts Podcast.

It currently showcases 2 shows,

5 Minutes of Self Love


The Interview Corner

What started as a winding down exercise for what used to be a most stressful life, turned into a tool for meditation, growth and personal development.

With 10 episodes of varying lengths to get you started. You can jump right into the fun.

I will be making at least one update a month (so far it’s been two updates in December ;))

Fair warning:

I am a bilingual speaker, meaning; this podcast is both in Spanish and English, thankfully however you do not have to learn either language to reap the benefits of these divine frequencies. No, much simpler.

Podcasts, Titles in Spanish = Spanish Language

Podcasts, Titles in English = English Language

With that bit of knowledge, join in the fun 💛

Available on 10+ platforms. Including Apple Poscast, Spotify and Google Music and

Check out my podcast, MabsArts Podcasts, on Anchor:

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