Mind and the Flow Down Stream

Hello all and welcome to a new edition of the MabsArts blog, we’ve been hitting it on and off for a while now, but there’s a big reason for that.

Last year I was recruited by an animator named Kolumbo to participate as his background artists for a short animation he was doing for this animator group called “Flow Down Stream”

A year later I am part of this group and I too am releasing my own shorts with them.

Flow Down Down Stream is a group of animators, voice actors, artists, and general great people that unite in order to release quality content for the internet.

Many of them started in the well known flash animation website called: Newgrounds it is true this website and various social media accounts including Twitter and Youtube that one can enter the Flow Down Stream

Directed by GoodL, this talented group of individuals has been able to release over 15 animation compilations in less than 2 years of being together.

It is a special honor to be a part of this collective, and with that being the case I am greatly honored to introduce to you the first episode of Flow Down Stream season 2.

Hold on to your hat because this is gonna be a wild ride into your MIND:

Hope you enjoy it, and be sure to subscribe for more great animation content.

~ Antonio (Mabelma)

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