Roll it Up in Fun!- Katamary Damacy

I’m in a bit of a video games kick, and I just need to talk about these games.

The next game on the list of hot games to check out, is Katamary Damacy.

Image result for katamari damacy

This PS2 original is all tons of fun, all the way from Japan this wacky game allows you to play as “The Prince” a little green man that goes around rolling anything and everything in his sight. All in hopes of appeasing his neurotic father, “The King.

Image result for katamari damacyImage result for katamari damacy






It’s been out for a little while now and has span all sorts of remixes, revamps, sequels and spin-offs, but I suggest you pick the original if you can. Especially if you haven’t played any of them yet. It will give you a taste of all the madness you’ll be experiencing once you get into this saga, without all the complicated levels right at the start.

If this blog post and the images don’t get you rolling, (pun intended 😉

Then check out this hilarious play through by the greatest let’s players in the internet. The Game Grumps:

A wikipedia article of the game, you can play it on your PS3.

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