Thomas Was Alone

I really did enjoy Thomas was Alone.

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It’s a beautiful existential story told through the perspective of a group of pixels.

The amount of acting, created through the pleasurable mix of voice-acting, music, and level design. And boy do these levels speak to you. The puzzles are perfect, and exciting, innovating yet familiar, perfectly balance for enjoyment.

All these things speak of team with knowledge that far exceeds conventional game design.

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This platforming/puzzle game is one ferocious beast. This baby will have you jumping around as you play fictional conversations between the shapes, for over a week

Truly a good investment.

I understand, that there are several misconceptions regarding what makes a good game, but I assure you the level of complexity accomplished in this simple visual adventure, is on par with any other game out there.

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May all game developers learn a thing or two of good storytelling, and simple design. There is no limit in the dreamworld of video games.

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