Art Forum Battle Royale Page 1

Hope everyone’s having a great day. Today I wanted to let you in on a little project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months.

So essentially I am building a flash comic reader app complete with character information, links and the whole thing. AS part of that journey I decided to take something that has always given me joy, THE ART FORUM BATTLE ROYALE

This used to be a yearly event right here on newgrounds where artists would pin their original character against each other and watch as all hell broke loose. It was very fun, I participated for a short time, yet I know I spent hours reading the forum up and down learning about everyone’s characters and what they did. It was wonderful.

So in light of that, I took the art of the wonderful artists on newgrounds and turned it into a comic page. This will be the test comic I will be using for the Comic Reader.

With this post we go live with the Comic Reader App and the resulting Comic Book from the forum post.

Here is the first page, feauring art from;





Hope you enjoy page 1, see you next week for page 2

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