Mr.Mabs Coloring Book

Hello everyone, today I have some very exciting news. I am finally completed with the Mr.Mabs Coloring Book.

This awesome digital download book comes with 10 plus pages of Coloring Fun and a Where’s Waldo Inspired Mr.Mabs Free Poster you can download and tape together to put up on your wall.


You can get the full 20page coloring Book for $1.99 here:

This coloring book is great for children of all ages, parents and teachers. All you gotta do is download the .pdf I will be sending you and you can print as many pages as you want and start coloring. The digital download is yours for as long as you want it.

Print versions will be available on the online store soon. Be on the look-out for that.


You can also get the free 10pg version Coloring Book (digital download) when you sign up to the newsletter:


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