Children Of The Stars: Horoscope Collection

Hello everyone, it’s almost Christmas and I want to give you all a gift before I go on vacation.


If you follow me on social media:

Twitter: @antoniomabs

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Facebook: @MabsArts


You’ve probably seen some variation of my Horoscope Collection project.


In this project me and Erika Huertas (@EHuertas13) have created 12 characters to represent the 12 signs of the Horoscope. However we took it a step further on the all inclusive fashion show #PASPAS (Paseo Pasarela) in Caguas.

During this event Erika huertas and I created 5 looks that not only included our own merchandise, but also that of our friends Laurie Modesto (@Femst) and Eduardo Sanchez (@ArteConsciente). The 5 looks incorporated t-shirts as the central focus while incorporating accessories and custom props like horns, masks, flowerheads, and skateboards to complete a working style that is sure to capture the eye of everyone watching.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our amazing models were:

Edgar – HfDiez as Pop

Vivian Coldberg – as Frida (ArteConsciente)

Nicole “Coli” Matos Bruno- as Julia (ArteConsciente)

Yadira Huertas – as Aries

Made – @flitamola as Femst (by Laurie Modesto)

Antonio “Mabs” with that Leo look.

Erika Huertas on that cancer kick.

It was a truly amazing experience. The amount of nice experiences were all captured in these pictures. The really awesome runway photos were taken by (@effortless captures/@tamorawphoto)

But the gift I come bringing is not only this recap, in fact, that very same night after the show we were invited to set up a table with our merch and I am for the first time in a whole year very happy to say that we currently have a nice stock of shirts from the Horoscope Collection.


I’ve been working the last couple of weeks to set-up the infrastructure on our store for you to shop the shirts directly there and today it is finally ready. So check it out here today:

You can now shop the full 12 designs on all 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge).


Shipping will begin on the 28th when I come back from Vacation, so you can start the new year with your very own Children of the stars shirt to complement your divine look.

One last note:

Check out the awesome skateboard we made in Collaboration with Laurie Modesto (@Femst_)

Maybe some day we can mass produce these too, here’s hoping.

Hope you all have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, filled with love, peace and abundance.


~ Antonio “Mabs”

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