Organizing Yourself

Sometimes life throws things at you, right after another. You land a new job, your car needs fixing, you need to buy medicine for this or that, and you have to wake up early tomorrow, it can be so much right.

I once heard a friend explain that life does this because it’s trying to help us evolve, we grow in stressful situations so it makes sense, however does this mean we need to feel unprepared and surprised for every little life changing earthquake?

No! You don’t and that’s where organization comes in.

I used to be one of them kids, you know,  one of the binder kids everything in it’s own little space and pocket. Shout out to my AVID babies. Yet through the years I lost a lot of that organization, and I started to notice a pattern. Whenever my life felt cluttered or disorganized I was going through some crazy things, conversely whenever I was going through something good and I was in my stride I would be neat, clean and overall just lighter, and that’s when I understood it.

Your environment is a reflection of your inner space, so it makes sense that by taking care of your outside you also take care of your inside. You’ve felt the emotion, you know when you’re just chilling washing the dishes, it feels great right.

They even have a whole show about organizing your life:

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Today I bring you three tips to start clearing up both your inner space and your outer space. This comes with a huge inspiration from Marie Kondo. Let’s start with the mentality that if it “doesn’t spark joy” in us then it does not need to be in our lives.

Next time you’re doing laundry or clearing your space, pick up some of the old stuff you have lying around in your house. Pick up that old sweater you wear every day, close your eyes and ask yourself. Does this spark joy? If the answer is no, then throw it away.

Exercise your Green Finger

This same idea of sparking joy, can be carried into the garden. Does ugly weeds that keep pestering you, ask yourself. Are they joyful? No! Then get rid of them.

Not only is it healthy to work on a garden for your peace of mind, but being exposed to nature also helps the lungs and your hands. So get dirty and get rid of all that clutter in your garden.

Make your Room a Peaceful Place

Organization comes in many different forms. It can come in the form of carrying a notepad and journaling all your concern and stresses away. Or it can come in the form of a neat and clean bedroom.

Make today different. If you don’t normally clean your room every day it can be hard, but I assure you once you build the habit, not only will your room stay clean, but you’ll have a much nicer time whenever you are in it, because it’s no longer dirty and unlivable. Even your dreams can improve with a clean room.

And here, get yourself one of these to help you with the dust around your room.

Take Care of the Trash

Much like your house, your mind can produce a lot of trash, and if you let it clutter it’s gonna stink. That’s why I suggest you take out the trash every day and before bed you clean your mental trash by sitting down 10-20 minutes and just start writing. Get it all out, as you do this you can start compartmentalizing your stresses to the notepad and can stop taking them to your pillows. This has help me sleep better as well as create better, as usually whenever I sit down to write for a while after getting it all out, my mind naturally starts wandering and ideas start pouring in and since I already have the notebook on hand, I simply start sketching.

Relaxation breeds creativity.

This is because…

A Clean Environment is a Clear Mind, and a Clear Mind is the Road to Success

That’s right, a clear mind naturally does creative things. You can see it in examples like people whistling little tunes when they are showering, or drawing things when they meditate. Painters throughout time have milked this natural creative stimulant with things like nightly rituals where they wait for their minds to wander off into sleep, only to wake up minutes later to capture their new greatest idea.

So try it. Organize yourself, not only your ideas and your plans, but also your house, your studio and your environment.

I usually work by sessions, something like either 1hr or 2hr sessions with either a 30min break or an hour break in between. I love to take the breaks in between and use them to clean and tidy my surroundings. I always end up feeling more creative when I come back to the next session, and at times have found that this newly founded creativity and cleanliness propels me into finishing projects around the house that I wouldn’t have otherwise even started. This method of tying work and play together, allows me to tackle big tasks on either end of the spectrum in a much relaxed manner.

Go ahead and give it a try. Let me know how it goes for you in the comments section below.

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