Mindmapping/Idea clusters

Ever heard of a mind map? What about an idea cluster?

Well these are tools that we can use on our daily creative process that can allows us to better come up with ideas, as well as come up with better ideas.

Brainstorming is the act of jotting down all the possible thoughts and ideas that jump out when you think of a word or concept.

For example if you are trying to write a novel. You could do a mindmap on the general aspect of the story.


Or if you’re trying to build your next business, you could do an idea cluster of all the possible business ventures you’d be interested in trying out.


The Difference between an Idea Cluster an a Mind Map

“A cluster or map combines the two stages of brainstorming (recording ideas and then grouping them) into one. It also allows you to see, at a glance, the aspects of the subject about which you have the most to say, so it can help you choose how to focus a broad subject.”

It works great for visual learners. It can be used individually and also works well for group work.

The mind map works the same as a Cluster. The only difference is that a mind map should come post research, and contain the knowledge you already knew plus information gained while reading.

Mind mapping is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally “maps out” your ideas.


Both of these tools are great for figuring out what is the next path for you to take, whether you are looking to write a story, build your business or improve your personal health.

They are also pretty straight forwards, basically just make a circle and start taking note of your ideas.

Go ahead and try out either one of these tools for your next brainstorming session and let us know how it helped you, down in the comments section below.

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