MabsArts- Frequently Asked Questions

1- Are you images digital or traditional?

I do all my art digitally using a mix of Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. 300 DPI resolution as a standard.


2- What file formats do you deliver?

The standard is .png and a source file (.psd, .ai or .fla) We can also deliver the following formats if requested (free of charge):

– .pdf

– .eps

– .jpg

– .gif


3- If I purchase the image do I own it?

Yes and no. The image is yours to use commercially without having to pay any royalties, you also have an unlimited use for it. However I retain the rights to use the image on my social, website and portfolio (as promotional material for my art services.)


4- Do I have to pay extra for revisions?

All our orders have an unlimited free revision policy, however re-sketches or re-draws are not covered in this policy. Meaning, you can add for quick fixes, but not full re-designs. Once you approve of the concept sketch, we can only move forward. If you would like me to sketch something different that will incur an extra charge.


5- Can I use this art in merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, etc.)

Yes you can. If your interested in doing this but don’t know where to start, feel free to ask me, I can point you in the right direction towards monetizing art or setting up an online store.


6- Do you draw NSFW?

No. We do not make sexually explicit imagery. Hentai, or porn art is a no.


7- Do I need to credit you?

While it is not necessary to credit me, it is always appreciated. In that case, feel free to tag me on social media as @antoniomabs or by putting in the hashtag, #MabsArts


8- Do you offer discounts?

I do, however they are seasonal or event specific discounts. To keep up which such things, be sure to favorite this gig and check it often, as I post discounts directly on the gig page as well as on my social media.


9- Where can I find more of your work?

Feel free to check out my instagram where I post all my latest work ( as well as our website where we post content relevant for artists, creators, freelancers and buyer. (

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