List of sensory words to use in product descriptions

Sight Words:


colorless white ivory yellow gold orange green olive

turquoise azure pink crimson maroon lavender purple

silver brown black mottled red ruby blue spotted


round oval triangular rectangular square shapeless


immense massive large tiny small tall short wide

long narrow lean


round flat curved wave/wavy ruffled angular hollow

tapered wiry lopsided freckled wrinkled striped bright

clear glossy jeweled fiery shimmering muddy drab dark

grimy worn cluttered fresh flowery transparent sheer 

opaque muscular handsome robust fragile pale perky

lacy shadowy

Hearing Words

crash squawk crackle chime ring thud whine buzz

laugh silence bump bark clink gurgle chuckle boom

bleat hiss giggle cry

thunder bray snort guffaw bawled bang blare

bellow sing crow roar rumble growl hum chatter 

scream grate whimper mutter mumble screech slam

stammer murmur wail shout clap snap whisper babble

yell stomp rustle sigh cheer whistle jangle whir 

hush storm

Taste Words

oily rich bland ripe buttery hearty tasteless medicinal

salty mellow sour fishy bitter sugary vinegary spicy

bittersweet crisp fruity hot sweet savory tangy burnt

Smell Words

sweet piney acrid sickly scented pungent burnt stagnant

fragrant spicy gaseous musty aromatic gamy putrid

moldy perfumed fishy spoiled dry fresh briny sour 

damp earthy sharp rancid dank

Touch (feeling) Words

cool wet silky sandy

cold slippery velvety gritty icy spongy smooth rough

lukewarm mushy soft sharp

tepid oily woolly thick

warm waxy furry dry

hot fleshy feathery dull

steamy rubbery fuzzy thin sticky bumpy hair

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