Following Through on your goals.

Hello and welcome to a new episode of the MabsArts Podcast blogpost edition, today is a wonderful day, and you are reading this blogpost so that is very awesome and I am quite grateful for it.

I am your host Antonio “Mabs” and today we are going to be talking about 4 ways we can follow through with our goals and take our success to a whole new level.

Often we make plans that we do not follow through on, for example we recently discussed resolutions for the New Year and how to write them, however it is known that many people actually never follow through on their goals and end up doing and being the same person they were before they wrote down their resolutions.

Here are 4 Tips we can implement into our goal making and completing process in order to have a bigger chance of finishing what we start.

1- Don’t bite more than you can chew:

A lot of people write goals that are just too big. Things like ” I will be a millionaire” ,”I will run everyday for one year.” and “I will write 3 books this year.” are simply too big for someone that has no habit in place for these kinds of activities. When we write down our goals it is important to be realistic and reasonable with what we want, this will allow us to adjust as we go and actually stand a chance of completing the goals we have in our minds.

Let’s take for example one of our unreasonable goals, and turn it into something more reasonable.

For someone that wants to be a millionaire, perhaps the first step in their journey is to determine their financial status. If you want one million dollars, work out the statistics of how much money you make in a year, what you spend and where you spend it at.

This researching process will help you see where you are standing in relation to where you would like to be.

Once you have those numbers ready, use that to inform your goal. So for example instead of your goal being “I want to be a millionaire” You can figure out an amount that will get you closer to that first million.

A more reasonable goal would be something like:

” I will increase my annual revenue by 15%”

With the percent being something that is reasonable and relative to the amount of money you are currently making and the time you can spend on adding energy to this goal.

2- Prepare yourself for completing your goal.

It is a bit dumb to think that we can just write something down and expect to have it materialize instantly, this is something not a lot of people seem to understand. It is not enough to write down “I want to learn to surf”, this is because the statement will not actually help you learn to surf, you gotta do the work. You need to sit down and watch youtube videos of other people doing it, you need to get in good shape, and you need to take up those swimming classes at your local public pool.

This is what preparing yourself means, now do not fall into the trap of making the preparation the goal. Sometimes we can do this, we are so scared of failing that we spend our whole lives preparing and never actually doing it. No, that’s not the right way, the right way is to do both things at the same time. You need to go to those swimming classes, and watch those youtube videos but you also need to apply the knowledge you are cultivating so pick up your board and head to the beach and catch some waves. Sure you will fall down, and you will fail at first, but the convined efforts of your preparation will push you through your goal and help you succeed in ways you never thought possible.

Prepare for your goal, prepare for success.

3- Build a habit:

Sometimes people make the resolution of “going to the gym everyday” or “going for a run every morning” and after 1 or 2 tries they end up never doing it again, and that goal they set turns to ashes and dust almost as quickly as it was written down. This is because it is very rare for people to pick up a whole new routine of life from day one and stick to it. This goes back to bitting more than you can chew, as soon as you do that you are more than likely to not stick with your goal.

Instead you can work up to that goal of going every day. Instead of making your goal go to the gym every day, try to go at least once a month for the first 3 months, then up the time to twice a month for the next 2 months, and then up it again to three times a week, and keep upping the amount of times you go every couple of weeks until you are going to the gym every day. This method of habit building is much easier to stick to, and since the hardest times of any habit is the beginning and you are starting slow, you will have no excuse to not fulfill those goals you set-up for yourself.

I remember than when I started exercising, what I would do was literally set my goal to one mile a week, and I would wake up early in the morning, get dressed for running and then just head-out for a short walk the first couple of days. This started building the habit inside me, and every day I would extend my walks by a couple more minutes, until eventually this constant act of slowly increasing my distance ened up with me being able to run two miles a day. For a number of months.

Start small and work your way up.

4- Be Kind to youself.

To close up the blogpost I need to remind you of one final tip. Be Kind to yourself. Accomplishing goals is hard, especially when you are trying to do completely new things that you ‘ve essentially never done before. Be kind to yourself, it’s important that you do not let yourself become your worse enemy. It’s easy to feel discourage and start telling yourself things like “I’m not worth it” or “I suck because I didn’t work on my goal today” or “I quit, I can’t do this.” but you need to stick to your goals. You need to be kind to yourself in the way you talk to yourself about your failures. You cannot be the person stopping you from your own greatness.

Sometimes it is best to walk away for a bit and then comeback feeling refreshed and energized, than quitting something all together, because if you quit,you will never know how far you could have gotten if you’ve had stuck with it, and how your life could have changed for the positive had you held tight to your dreams.

Compassion starts with yourself.

I hope you are able to finish all the goals you set out for yourself this year, and may you succeed in more ways than one. May these goals you accomplish set you on a path of higher and deeper prosperity.

I was your host Antonio “Mabs” and this was another episode of the MabsArts podcast blogpost edition. Have a great day and I will see you later.

Namaste. I love you.

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