Fiverr Gig Analytics, what they mean and how to Improve them

As a fiverr veteran, I feel like it’s my duty to tell you my experience on how Fiverr works and how you can do the best possible work, in the best possible places to improve your stats and get more consistent work from fiverr. To make things very clear, Fiverr should not be your only source of income, although it can be, but if you are looking to grow a side business with your skills and services then read on to see how each Fiverr Analytic determines how to rank you and promote you in their million dollar marketplace.

There is a place for everyone involved, but you need to know how to best navigate the fiverr system, and that is through their very thought out algorithm, that encourages you to be the best in the business.  Know that the best in the business hold the bigger share of the pie.

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Response Rate: The response rate is the amount of time it takes you to respond to a message by a possible client. The faster you are at replying to a message, the higher your percent score. This is measured based on the average amount of messages you get versus the overall time it takes you to reply.

Your best bet to keep this number high, is to reply to all messages (especially new client messages) in 1hr or less. Of course this might be a bit difficult to do if the message comes in the middle of the night, but that’s ok. Fiverr accounts for that and won’t penalize you for it. 1hr or less is the best response rate, followed by 2-5hrs and then 24hs+.

Make us of automatic responses if you have several messages coming in. You don’t need to reply to all the messages at once, but telling your client that you will read their message next time you come into the studio can help you filter through them at your own time and still keep your metrics up.

Delivered on Time: This stat is very important. You want this to be as high as possible. Delivered on Time means that the client has successfully marked the order as completed and in some cases even left a review. The best way to keep this number up is to deliver your order in the least amount of time possible, and to make your estimated delivery time higher than your actual delivery time. Keep clients happy by over delivering (aka delivering before the estimated time)

Also keep in mind that this time also includes revision time. Which is why you need to be on top of your orders, deliver quickly and finish those revisions as quickly as possible too. Do not linger too much on the revision stage as that will show the order as late and will hurt your overall score.

Completion Rate: This metric basically means the amount of orders you have completed in 30 days versus the amount of cancelled orders you’ve had. The best way to keep this number high, is to talk things through with the client way before you even accept the first order. You need to make sure that both of you are on the same page, before they open that order. Iron out all doubts and make sure that what you are working on, is exactly what they want.

*Important note* When offering revisions, you don’t need to offer unlimited revisions but a couple of revisions here and there free of charge (or included in your pricing) could save you from a cancellation order, which will both hurt your stats and lose you money.

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Your ratings are based entirely on customer’s feedback. The more you work on Fiverr the more feedback you will earn, and the more feedback you earn the higher your ratings will be.

The first factor for Fiverr‘s rating system, is the overall rating, this is the sum total of stars a given customer awards you when you complete an order based on 3 categories.

1- Communication with Seller: Are you answering questions fast enough? Do you provide communication before you start working on the project, during the project and after the project? All of these factors are important for a client to feel like they are being listened to and that you are in fact giving them your total attention and your best possible service.

2- Service as Described: When you open a gig on fiverr, you are allowed to describe your specific service with as much detail as possible, if you’re in a creative field like art, you are even given a portfolio to showcase your work. However the information you provide the buyer must be exactly what they will be receiving, nothing short of that or you risk disappointing them. With this in mind be sure that your gig descriptions aligns with what you will be providing them. If you’re a music producer for example, do not claim to create an instrumental from scratch based on a reference song, only to send a pitch down version of the reference song when the buyer has purchased. Be honest, be clear, and be professional.

3- Buy Again or Recommend: This means the likeliness that a buyer will purchase your services again or recommend them to a friend.

Keep a neat profile, with clear gig description, and clear prices of your services, provide free revisions, and deliver an exceptional product in exceptional time, and your buyers will award you with wonderful feedback. That will put you on your way to the front page.

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Selling Seniority: This stat lets buyers know that you’ve been part of the Fiverr platform for along time and you’re not just a newbie. When you’re starting out it might be a very low number but don’t fret. Keep your head down, do your work and you will rise up in the ranks.

Orders: This is the total numbers of orders you’ve received in your time as a Fiverr member. More order is usually good, but it can come with a price. Sometimes if you have too many orders you can fall behind, and disappointing a lot of people, which will cause you to lose your place in the Fiverr “leader board”. If you find yourself taking on too many orders, it is a good idea to put your profile in vacation mode. Better to finish what you started, that disappoint people because you took more orders than you could handle.

Earnings: The amount of money made from all your completed orders as a Fiverr seller.

Days Without Warnings: This should ideally be kept and stay at 30 days, that means that people at Fiverr aren’t giving you warnings, you handle your clients efficiently and you are not doing anything illegal in the platform. If you get into trouble too many times in a row with Fiverr, you could get your account suspended. So behave and be kind.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed this break down of the Fiverr statistics and may you reach new heights with this knowledge of how the Fiverr system works. If ever you want to hire me on fiverr, you can message me on this link.

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