The Funk King- Animatic

Fresh off the oven is this awesome action packed animatic I did for the FNF jam, it took me way longer than I had expected and I plan on reworking it with colors and more detail to release it on a future date, however I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I think it’s the first animatic I’ve ever done in like 20hrs total time, it will look really awesome when it’s all colored and refined.

It’s also the first time I ever use a comic format for storyboarding and honestly it was probably the best move for future animations. Bang out a quick sketchy comic and refine right on top. Quite handy process.

Had a ton of fun planning out all the deaths and the overall story, the idea is that a couple of hundred years in the future. During the robot battles of Drop Cannon and the post-apocalypse of Tankman. Boyfriend and girlfriend team up with Lemon Man to kidnap Pico from NGHQ and brainwash him into thinking he’s a character in a videogame, but after Lemon Man’s disrespect towards boyfriend he decides to break Pico loose. Right around this time Darnell and Nene are closing in on Pico’s location and all hell breaks loose. Pico tries to forgive boyfriend but decides against it when he realizes that the reason he really broke him loose is cause he craved the mic (“fame”) all to himself and wanted to get rid of Lemon Man all in one blow.

The voices were done by the awesome @Cyberdevil

All animated in Flash, handrawn.

When in doubt paint everything black and add a noise filter to it.

Go check it out and give a nice rating and a review.

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