Zemmiphobia Release (New Game Alert)


Today I am happy to announce the official release of my first entry for the flash-forward jam. This game is called Zemmiphobia. Zemmiphobia is an endless runner where you play as a miner trying to escape the evil wormlike mouth of the Mole Rat King. Naked and scary this mouse will devour you. Your goal, outrun him for as long as you can and put your glorious Newgrounds Username (Must have an account for leaderboards) in the board of bony miners, the higher the score the higher the chances of unlocking all the medals.

This game was made in about 5 months with the help of:

@fellowesart- Additional art and animation (intro and character animations)

@ThatJohnnyGuy- Main Zemmiphobia Game Theme Song (loops endlessly, silky smooth)

@VoicesbyCorey- The guttural sounds of the Mole Rat King all performed by this talented man.

@WillsRandomArtwork- The always great and magnificent Will, always quick to jump on my crazy ideas, has lend us his screams, gasps and panting for the Miner.

A huge thanks to my friends and beta-testers:




And of course to @TomFulp for hosting the Flash Forward Jam.

I also put together a commemorative StickerPack that you can get from the store, check it out and join my game dev journey.

May you enjoy this game we put together for you.

Let me know what you think over on the comments and be sure to vote.


In other news:

For my second entry to the Flash Forward Jam, I am hosting a new Collab, the deadline is March 10 and we’re putting together a trophy machine. So far we have 20 trophies. If you would like to participate check out the forum post and submit your trophy before the deadline. Let’s get to 100.


MabsArts Trophy Dispense

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