The Message of Love

What is Love?


For quite a Long time now, we have collectively determined that “Love” is that idea that gets celebrated during Valentine’s Day. It’s the feeling reserved for our romantic/ sexual partners. We shouldn’t tell people we love them, unless we “really, really” love them and are ready to move in together. But what if I told you that love has nothing to do with sex or romance, but everything to do with everything? What if I told you that love is the energy that shapes the universe and the fuel to the engine of reality? Would you believe me?

How to bring Love into your life?

If we were to ask a plant what love is, it would probably say something like “the sun is love, the ground is love, the water is love.” Yet those words are not what the plants know. It however is trying to express the feeling of nourishment. For a plant, Love is just being alive in a safe and secure environment that allows it to grow.


Somehow at some point in time though, we started believing that love was in direct relationship with sex. We started thinking that the only way to feel love inside ourselves was through the act of having an orgasm, or kissing, and holding hands and with that change in perspective, things like hook-up culture, tinder, and pornography thrived. Male and female ejaculate became love elixirs. People would go on dates, just to hook up at the end of the night. Total strangers, finding comfort in each other’s bed sheets by linking up on dating sites, yet we all still feel empty.

Experimentation became the soul of sexuality, and our society started reflecting our newfound desires. Music started being all about sex, art became more sexual, social media and commercials became a magazine for “tell me I’m sexy” content, and the void inside ourselves kept growing bigger and bigger.

Because now it wasn’t about love, everything was just about sex. We all wanted the prize but none of us wanted to put the work in.

Yet if we could revert back to our childhood where everything was pure, we were loved unconditionally and we could be everything we wanted to be. At that time where we didn’t know that our genitalia could cause us pain, pleasure, ecstasy, or discomfort. To a time when just being alive, felt like being in love. Perhaps we could become better people overall.

Now don’t take me wrong, sex and romance are a huge part of love and pleasure and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them a healthy and loving person should be having a safe, joyful and active sex life but the problem lies when we think that sex is love and love is sex. This is like thinking that the waves in the ocean ARE the ocean instead of a result of all the other variables like the wind, the moving of the tides, and the shifting oceanic floor being the cause for these waves that are a huge part of the ocean.

Romantic Love versus Self-Love

When we talk about self-love we should be talking about the countless activities that bring us to a feeling of love, love being in this context an emotion of wholeness, nirvana, and bliss. The best of the best, that is the feeling were are talking about here. Love should not be confused with infatuation, admiration, or attraction. Whilst those are symptoms of love, they are not in themselves entirely love.

In more specific terms, love is the state of a system (human, plant, habitat) in which the system can thrive, nurture others and grow at exponential levels without restriction from the environment but instead aided by its

When we talk about exponential levels of growth, we talk about the sudden changes in behavior for the relative better.

This study done on the power of words and the growth of rice can better exemplify this idea. In it, scientists take 3 containers of rice and label each one with a different word. One container is not labeled in order to keep this one as the control, the second container is labeled “love” and the third container is labeled “fear” or in some variations of the experiment, “hate”.

After some time they noticed what happened to the rice. The first container molded and grew smelly like normal rice would. The third container became black and molded at a faster rate. While the second container labeled love, fermented and gained a pleasant smell, such rice is often used for making sake.

If this can happen with rice, imagine how the right circumstance of love can improve a human being for the better.

God acts as Love

Exponential levels of growth. Sudden lapses of improved consciousness. That sounds like a miracle, like something right out of a book, doesn’t it? Hmmm, like what sort of book contains all sorts of miracles? Perhaps a magical book, one that talks about the supernatural world yet is accepted by the vast majority of humans as some sort of doctrine. A book capable of creating cities as well as destroying them.

A book like, The Bible.

Remember how Jesus had the brilliant idea of telling the servants to fill the containers with water during the Marriage at Cana? Or perhaps you remember when Moses parted the seas, why would someone even think of thrusting a staff into a river? Or maybe you know of Sarah (Sarai), Abraham’s wife who could not bear children till she was 90 years of age because GOD told her so.

With this, I would like to postulate that God acts through love, love being the energy behind every miracle, and what is the biggest miracle of all, if not the Universe.

So through this relation, we can see that Love, the all-powerful, ever-expanding frequency can allow us to manifest that which we desire.

Think about it, when we fall in love, we all of a sudden think the best of a person, we spend a lot of time with them, everything is perfect. It feels like we are on a cloud. The same goes for the rice, when in the presence of love, it prospers; even plants prosper when we love them and play music to them or sing to them.

So then, it is natural to think that G@d might deliver unto us more exponential, sudden changes of consciousness (growth) through love. I’m in no way religious, and do not a frequent church, nor do I want to be part of any organization that is not my own, so how can we put this into practice without becoming dogmatic?

Benefits of the Love Energy in your life

Just as the plant grows and thrives, so can we. If G@d works through love, then perhaps they are a manifestation of love, and that love is the same as a breath of fresh air, a smile among friends, or a sudden rush of dopamine that enthralls our system. Love then is everything, and we can through the act of being, access this love that is already inside and outside everything on the planet. So then love is a state of being, it’s something that is innate in us, like the beating of our hearts, always present but rarely ever heard or acknowledged in our day-to-day lives.

This stillness, this backstage operator is that which carries our day-to-day lives. That which moves us, from breakfast to work and back, it’s up there in the aether organizing our every move, with its all-knowing existence. Always experienced but never studied, always beating but never heard. Yet when we stop and notice it, something magical starts to happen.

The void all of a sudden looks back at us, and it loves us. It loves us so much that it wants us to become better, and it will align us with people, places, and experiences that will push us to our limit, to our next step. To our sudden exponential shift in consciousness. To our very own miracle.


Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? To know the universe has our back. To have that all-knowing, all-powerful sidekick rooting for your every step? But how can we do it? How can we stare into the void long enough for it to stare back at us?

Love is the transmuting and biding agent of everything in the Universe.

If we agree that love is a positive vibration that can be in pretty much everything, then it is simple to love ourselves and to love each other. Some examples of love can then be things like:

  • A healthy meal cooked by ourselves for ourselves with all the wonderful things we enjoy
  • A nice meditation to separate our stresses from our actions
  • Affirming love in everything we say and do
  • Intending good positive feelings into our daily lives and through the work we do
  • Exercising and speaking to our bodies with love instead of hatred

Imagine for a second if instead of fashion magazines trying to shape women to a rarely attainable vision of beauty we started printing magazines that acknowledge and affirm all the different bodies and the inherent natural beauty in all of them, same with men’s magazines. Do you not think that we’d have less hate within ourselves?

How about if the porn industry started pushing adult films in which the actors actually liked each other and wanted good things for each other? How about instead of endless shaming and acts of violence we started seeing flicks with people exploring each other and enjoying the company of each other, instead of name-calling we started hearing people affirm each other’s beauty? Would we not have less hate for each other? Less raping and more love-making? Less shame and more acceptance? Would music speak more about the innate beauty of the soul instead of the ephemeral beauty of the body?

Could the world change too if we started speaking sweet things and positive things into existence? Besides what is the earth if not a huge plant composed of smaller plant systems? Could this beautiful green and blue orb not grow exponentially as well if we added a bit more love into everything we did, and would the human race not grow along with it?

Today I ask that you give love a chance. Speak with love, Act with Love, Think with Love, and Be with Love.

I love you. Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading.

Keep on going, you got this. You are smart, beautiful, and capable and each day you become stronger and walk further closer to your best most magnificent version. Namaste.

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