Aaron Blaise Photorealistic Paintings Checklist

I’m taking some of the tutorial videos created by the uber talented Aaron Blaise and I wanted to have a place to put my notes on the different classes. So here’s my expanded checklist for his method on painting photorealistic creatures in Photoshop.

1- loose sketch

2- refined sketch

3- local colors

4- shadows (multiply layer style)

5- lights

6- deep dark shadows (multiply layer style)

7- reflected lights

8- highlights

9- eyes


11- detailing

12- background (can be a photo with some blur on it)

13- secondary light

14- highlight texture

15- shade texture (multiply layer style)

16- color dodge highlights (9% opacity)

17- Depth of Field (Shallow) (Using the Smudge Tool at around 75%)

18- Weathering/ grunge paper texture (multiply)

“Be spontaneous and Have Fun”

Aaron Blaise

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