What can custom art do for you?

I would like to begin by giving the words “custom art” a definition we can all agree on for the rest of this blogpost. This definition is as follows:

Any art created specifically for a purpose. This does not limit us to any medium and does not set a price on anything. To give us contrast, something that would not be covered by this definition is; sketches or doodles. We are talking about the finished product. With that in mind, we can continue.

Custom Art, is what moves the world. Every product ever created needed custom art designed specifically for it. Every business has had to have custom art created for their branding in order to stand out from the competition. Everything that is mind made, requires custom art.
If everything needs custom art, what I wonder most. Is why so many people use the same assets over and over again. There no longer is a need to break the budget in order to leave your mark on this earth with your own personal visuals.
Here are 3 examples of what custom art can do for you.

Control your Moods

As far as we are concerned, it is a fact that if you go to a museum and stand in front of a piece of art your brain takes all that information and you are able to feel tensions and emotions that the artist transmits to you. Custom art allows you to dictate how you feel by putting yourself in a position of creating the images that permiate your world. An examples of using custom art in order to feel happy is to redesign your whole social medias with the desired emotion you are looking to experience.

Develop Discipline

Custom art requires forethought and planning. This can last anywhere from 5 seconds to 10 years. If you sit through it, (and why wouldn’t you; it’s incredibly fun) you will develop a steady discipline which will help you overcome similar tasks in the future at a greater pace.
Since we discuss the amount of planning a project can take. I suggest the following bit of advice, as I know it can sometimes be hard to stop planning and start doing.
“Start small. Can you sit down and plan for 5 minutes, and see the project through?”
If you complete many 5 minute projects you will gain the experience to tackle longer, more difficult projects.

Make Money

Those that explore a subject fully through time, get to experience mastery over it. Art is in everything you see, and in everything you don’t see. There will always be a need for custom art but surprisingly enough, the artist is demonized and ridiculed most of its life. This leads to a society that requires huge amounts of art to grow but very little people to fulfill this tasks, and we end up having to give the job to those that have no skills because they are cheap. If you practice, and keep at it. You will be able to make money of your craft.
I have built a business completely on the fact that I know how to draw. I’m not the best artist in the world, and I’m not the best businessman either, but I understand that people will always need art and you can help them.
Open up yourself to the great benefits of art, and they are many. Here we just touched on 3, can you think of any more? Leave it in the comments section below.

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