The Benefits of Packages in your Business

Whether you are an artist, a shop owner or a freelancer. Packages are the next move you need to make to increase your income.
Packages allows people to get everything they need in one place, which makes their conversation rate increase since they are not wasting too much time choosing.
Take for example Burger King. Most people that order, prefer to buy a combo; that includes the main course, the side and a drink. All they need to feel like they have had a fulfilling meal in one place. If you bring it to the market you can see it in Apple too. The Iphone, the Ipod and The Ipad. If you need a phone with all those perks, you get the Iphone package. If you need to hear music, you get the Ipod. If you need a bigger screen or you are looking for a comfortable place to read, get yourself and Ipad.
Packages are everywhere. The train, the vehicle, the bus. Packages. Your job in the business world is to create your own products and package them together in order to help people in the best possible in the least amount of time, at the best price possible.
All you need to start a package based business is three things.

1- Start Small.

(what is the least you can that is still of value for someone at an affordable price?) In our case, it’s the Regular Reggie package. Depending on the gig, we offer a couple of animated seconds, black and white sketches, 1 color designs, etcs. Make that service package 1.

2- Keep it Simple.

If you give people too many options they will become overwhelmed and you might lose a sale. This means you need at most 3 packages (sometimes even 2 work) that are great and provide different but incredible services.

3- Keep an open mind and a suspicions eye.

Having a great package does not equal a great product. This is why you need to always keep your eye in the data. If you see that a packages hasn’t been doing well, take the products inside it apart and figure out how you can increase it’s value for the customers. Then put it back up and track it’s sells. Be strong this process is not easy, but the taking out and improving will give you the perfect packages that create the best amount of revenue for you.
Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions post them down in the comments below.
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    1. Happy you like the post! Perhaps you can experiment with packages based on language or based on length of the project. Best wishes for you and your business!


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