Layaway For Artists (Notes)

“When a customer thanks you for selling them your work. You know you’re doing it right.”
Have a dialogue with your audience. Not a monologue.
Meet questions with respect and understanding.
Offer a layaway on original art.
If your client agrees to a layaway, you ask them what amount they want to pay, and how often, and when, they want to pay.
You set the sales amount, add in any other charges: Sales tax, shipping/delivery costs, a cancellation fee, etc. (I strongly suggest a cancellation fee, just in case, to cover your time and energy).
They can make equal, regular payments. Or pay a larger initial payment, and smaller installments after.
They will write out ALL the payments-by check, or by credit card-upfront. Right there in your studio, or your booth.
If they pay by check, they will write out all the checks, and predate them for when they will be deposited.
If they pay by credit card, you write out ALL the slips, with the necessary information, and the dates you will run the card number.
I really enjoy the idea of giving clients control over pricing and payment. I wholeheartedly believe that people are good by nature and want to be part of the growth and development of artists so they won’t try and take advantage of it.

Write out a brief note on what was decided. Email a copy.
Offer an incentive (personal delivery, artists presentation)

Notes on Article: Take Me Home With You! “It Costs Too Much” (Luann Udell)
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