Generating recurring income every month (notes)

What do you do when you need to take a break from work but don’t have any money coming in?

Consider generating recurring income from your freelance business.

The Pentagon Strategy:

  1. Pick out a specific group of people who would love to work with you

Be precise and choosy with who you choose as a client. 

      2. Pitch them with your idea

Pitch your idea with a strong personalized message. Be precise and clear.

      3. Propose your qualified leads impressively

Propose a specific solution for your client’s problem. Clarity is key. 

     4. Perform a small ‘demo’ task

Charge for this demo. I offer a $20 sketch session to show the client a visual demonstration of the ideas in action.

     5. Partner with the client for longer term engagements.

Complete the work and fulfill the ideas proposed in step 3 while charging for them separately. Don’t fuck over your client. Just be honest, clear and understanding. Don’t fuck yourself over either. 

Offer extra services such as monthly services (like sketches, content, videos, etc.)

Thank you for reading.

Notes on the blogpost: My secrets to generating recurring income every month (Shaiq uddin)

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