3 Benefits of a Sketch Session

Number 1.
By sitting and sketching for a determined amount of time you are giving your brain the task of coming up with several quick ways of solving a design problem.

Space to Experiment brings growth into any project.

Number 2.
By sketching several ideas during a sketch session you have variety and variety for a client is very valuable; because of the ambiguity of art and art business clients normally don’t know what they are looking for. By providing options it can help them expand their vision as well as help you land other potential projects with them.

Client needs 1 shirt, deliver 3 concepts, client now wants 2 shirts.
Always with the best of intentions, love your work and creativity will pour out of your tools.

Number 3.
Working for other people can be a drag, but by allowing yourself to have a fulfilling and creative process gives you the ability to always enjoy your work. No more alarms going off waking you up, simply walk into your studio or desk and fill fulfilled when you put those projects to rest.

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