3 tips for creating content

1- It’s not about the amount of content it’s about it’s potential resonance.

Everything in the world is a frequency. So tune yourself for success and your words will sound and deliver success. With this in mind the content you need to create must not be one of rules and boundaries, it must come from the heart. Whenever you pour your love into something you are increasing it’s frequency, the higher it vibrates the bigger it’s impact.

So pour your heart into every project and every picture, and every text and every moment and everything you do will have a wonderful impact.

No more tracking numbers, simply create art from the heart and watch your business exponentially grow.

2- Don’t wait for the wave, Catch it.

You can sit around all day and wonder why you don’t have any ideas and grow more and more frustrated as the days pass or you can turn energy into art. Simply grab your pencil and let loose, a strike, a line, a dot, a pattern, 3 butts. Whatever you feel like drawing, draw it. This is energy going from one state (negative) to another (positive) the more you do it, the easier for your body to evolve. The more positive energy in you, the better your work.

Now the fun part, because it’s such a loose exercise you get tons of different potential content from it. Doodles, weirdly intricate shapes, emotion sketches.

3- Everything is content, if you do it right.

People need to feel happy, entertainment, joy. What you bring to them will elevate them if you bring it in the right manner and from the right place. If all you want is money, then you have deeper issues to solve, money is cool to have but it’s so you can have a joyful life. So cultivate joy instead and everything else will flow to you like the rive.

This is the kind of stuff you need to bring to your audience, see if they grow. You Grow. Ask them for a dollar, make them happy enough to make 20 tomorrow, ask them for an extra quarter, make them happy enough to make 40. Simple as that. Give and then receive, not backwards. So give them anything, give them a smile (jokes, comics, shorts), a moment of silence (soft music, voice memos, nature inspired art), give them something. Add to their experience. Add to their joy, let’s all be happy and grow.

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