Why organization matters


Plans are dumb.

A little mean, maybe but here’s what’s up. Planning is not a good idea, if you go into a situation doing tons of research and calculating your every move, you are basically trying to forge a path, out of nothing. Out of mid-air, and I’m not sure how miracles work and I’m there yet, but that’s hard. So instead of doing that, organize yourself. Start by sitting down and careful plotting with it is you want for any situation, be that your business, your dog-life or your love life.

We’re gonna be doing a little test exercise so you can then take it to your daily life and find out how to best your self.

Live a joyful life.

Step 1. What do you want?

During this step try and understand what it is you truly want. If it’s money, try and find the feeling that you think money will bring you because in my case, I don’t want money. I barely care about the green paper, what I want is abundance. I want to open my fridge and find a bunch of food always. Open my cookie jar and find cookies all the time.

Abundance is something money can bring me. So find that feeling. If it’s power, maybe what you really want is to be understood. If it’s sex, maybe what you want is to be loved.

Like that.

Step 2. Identify variables that will allow this reality.

Every chance you miss is a second taken away from your best possible reality.

Once you have your goals straight, figure out activities that will allow for this.

Here are some examples.

Abundance ———- Steady Stream of Income

Love ——- Inner Peace

Time —— Stronger sense of flow (be where you have to be, not all over the place)

Success —— Knowledge to identify and seize potential opportunities with love.

Step 3. Act

This exercise allows you to organize situations in your brain as best as you possibly can, in order to have success whenever you are presented by a success or fail scenario.

Abundance —– Steady Stream of Income —— Multiple Revenue Streams —– ex. Sell Jewelry, Deliver Pizzas, Part-Time Gas Station Attendant

Repeat the process to find specific steps and act on them systematically. First one, then another, and so on.

Build up, replacing the foundations as your tower grows.


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