Selling Two Bodies of Work (Notes)

Offer a second body of work that is easier to produce and cheaper to sell. This will ensure that clients and lovers alike will see more of you, and in turn want more of you.

You are selling to two groups of buyers instead of just one.

Take control of your sales. Be the artist that succeeds.

Offering a smaller version of your work, helps buyers get a taste of your essence and that can lead to them wanting more of your work and purchasing the larger more expensive work.

Explore styles, find what speaks to you the most. Use the second, less serious body of work be the testing ground for any and all of your possible whims.

Set up your system and let it run. There is a time for doing and a time for being, figure out where you are and allow yourself the luxury of being there.

Notes on: The Advantages of Selling Two Bodies of Work (Lori Woodward)

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