Forget the Destination, Focus on the Now (Notes)

Focusing on the moment helps you ruminate and solve problems.

When we fret over the end game, we miss the tasks at hand.

Learn to relax and take time off. If you are relaxed your brain can make better connections and these connections will help you overcome hurdles in your freelance journey.

Be relaxed, express yourself confidently and create quality work. This is all you need to be successful.

So, give yourself a break. Take the time you need to figure out where you’re going. Where you have been. What’s important to you, and what’s not.

Nothing of value is ever easy. But that’s the price of admission if we want to live an artful life. Sharing our creative voice with the world takes effort.

Focus on the now, create the artwork you always dreamed of, and change the world!

Notes on: Forget the Destination, Focus on the Now (John P. Weiss)

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