The Zone/Flow

What is the Zone?

A type of euphoric dream-state in which time passes without you noticing, space and people around you no longer exists, and you are able to focus and do your best type of work.

It feels akin to being in love.

Chemically this occurs when the hormone Oxytocin (the happy hormone is released). It is impossible for the body to release both Oxytocin and Adrenalin at the same time. This means it is not possible to get in the zone while you are stressed.

Fear of criticism can hinder the creative process.

When you are in artist mode, resists the urge to think about business stuff. Keep the two apart in time and space.

Just go for it. Be in the Zone. The money will come because you are doing good work. So stop thinking so much and start being in the money. Love your art and it will love you back.

Notes on the article: Wearing Two Hats – But Only One At A Time (Lori Woodward)

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