Quantity begets Quality

If you want to be perfect you need to fail fast and fail cheap. By now you understand the value of producing 2 bodies of work, one that revolves purely on quality, and the second that revolves purely on effort and quantity.

This is important for any artist trying to make a living with their art.

This is because failing in the right way and in the right scenarios will allow you to experiment and find the voice that truly speaks to yourself and to your audience. So stop stressing so much about perfection, practice and processes and just make art. The most art you can make, be so in the zone that you forget that you are anything else but the stroke on the canvas. Be art.

This will help you reach all of your goals, give me a mountain of small, experimental, loving work instead of one huge painting and I will give you an artist capable of doing both. The master piece and the non-master pieces.

“When you step up to a small canvas to try something new every day rather than working and reworking a large painting for weeks, you see progress. You learn to master techniques such as brushwork and texture, which boosts your confidence. Painting on a small scale also forces you to ignore inconsequential details and look for larger shapes, broader color relationships and overall composition. It gives you the ability to look at a scene as a whole.”

  • Kevin Macpherson

“No one can draw more out of things, books included, than he already knows. A man has no ears for that to which experience has given him no access.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)


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