Experimenting with Product Creations

1- Teaching an evergreen course.

Evergreen means, the course can stand alone without you having to go in and teach the work. I believe that as artists we have unique voices that can be taught in such a way that helps other artists integrate our voice into their voice and grow together. By creating a course I can assure a monthly residual income as well as help other artists explore their own uniqueness through the reflection of mine own.

2- Publishing a book

Just make a book brah. There are so many shitty drawing books out there that it is possible to just take the information, extract the important and re-shape in an unique way. Experiment with this idea.

3- Template work

Honestly I don’t know much about this topic or how it can relate to creatives, but I’ll get back to you if I find out.

4- Create design elements

Like a font family, vector illustrations, throw-away designs (general artwork). Remember to pour your heart into everything you do, don’t just do it for the money, you will crash quickly when you don’t see the big bucks so instead just love your work and let it love you back.

Think Residual Income, not Passive.

Notes on Article: “6 Creative product ideas to supplement your service-oriented business”


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