Perceptive, honest artists are dangerous people because they cause viewers to stop and think about matters that they have always taken for granted.  – Carolyn Henderson

A perceptive, honest artist looks deeply at the world and people’s lives around them, and they record what they see.

Like many of you, he (Steven Henderson) considers the painting of beauty, innocence, goodness, peace, and truth a counteraction to the ugliness of deceit, the appalling inability of greed to be sated, the sickening feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, fear, hopelessness, and despair that many ordinary people live with on a low-level, chronic basis, fed by the “news,” the entertainment complex, politics, and the ruling aristocracy of the era.

This article is simply worth the read: Trust Your Instincts, Not the Experts (Carolyn Henderson)

Tune out the voices, all of them – almost as if you were fasting. And in the same principle of fasting, add back voices, one by one, as you are ready – but you won’t be ready until you’ve stopped the deluge, first. You need time to think, seriously think, and this may mean stepping away from it all for awhile. It definitely means looking at every thought and asking, “Where did I get this? Why do I think it’s true? Is it possible that this thought is not true?”

Seek silence to find wisdom.

Be a True Artist, Think Differently.

“The wiser you are, the more aptly you discern what is good, and eschew what is not.”

I commend you to God.

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