The Big Experiment that is your life

Know thyself. Trust your gut. To thine own self be true. -Mike Tanner

Every person and every situation is unique. There are no real tried and true recipes for success, only methods and strategies to improve your intuition and become a better decision maker.

Life is just one giant experiment, you can be the scientist of your own life.

Figure out what things make you growth, learn what resonates with your soul, those are the “chemicals” you should be adding to the science experiment of your life.

Your soul is one huge beaker, fill it with stuff that will give you the greatest about of pleasure. A happy soul is a happy body is a happy mind is a happy career.

Don’t make a plan. Organize. Sit down and figure out what you have, what you need, and what you want. Then once that’s done, go one step at a time in the journey of your life confident in the knowledge that you know what you require to evolve.

Until you’ve tried something different (and really tried) then you have absolutely no place making statements about what’s good and what’s bad, or what works and what doesn’t.

If you have to measure anything. Measure to amount of times your life makes you smile, and find out ways to improve that. Did sketching with a new pen, make you happier? Do more of that. Did taking a walk after 2 hours of writing help you quiet the negative voices and helped you chill out? Do more of that. Do more of what makes you smile, don’t be here measuring how much money you have, or how many new clients you got. Measure what makes you happy. Everything else will come after that. A happy service provider makes for somebody that is likable and easy to work with, that turns into money fast!

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