The Role of An Artist in the Digital Age

To begin this post first we must clear our heads of the wrongful perceptions of artists.

Wrongful perception:

An artist is somebody who crafts, draws, paints or sings for pleasure and on occasion for money.

Rightful perception:

An artist is somebody who can enter the quantum world and through skill, relaxation and a medium can manifest a vision (idea) into the physical world. An artist is a path for an idea to come to life.

With the rightful perceptions now in place we can confidently understand the role of said artist in the digital age.

No longer are we in the time where if you needed to see a piece of work you had to know the artists or go to a gallery, no, we live in the digital age and in the digital age, art is constantly being thrown at us for our attention through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other avenues.

To first understand your role in the digital age, you must find your voice in the quantum world.

Exercise your destiny by closing your eyes and envisioning what you will be creating before actually painting anything. Take your time, this skill is not easy and only you possess the right ingredients to make your ideas come alive. Don’t rush it.

Once you have hone your skill to get ideas, and record them on your desired medium. We now take to the digital age.

To find your place in the digital age, it is as simple as finding your place in the natural world.

Learn from the energy that surrounds you, if you are having struggles getting an audience with your art, chances are you are trying to appeal to the wrong crowd. Because your ideas are clear representations of the quantum world turned material, not everyone can and will understand them, as simple as that. So instead of randomly trying to grow your audience, find the people close to you that already value your voice and your art. Grow from there. Those are the people that love you, and because they love you, and your art is an extension of you, they will love your work too.

These are friends, family members, neighbors, people that you see every day. People that actually love you and want to see you prosper.

The next step is to clean your social avenues. Before we find our voice, our true nature, our realest self, we collect a lot of negative energy due to a backlog of wrongful perceptions that get carried from life to life, to day to day, to friend to friend. So take the time to clean the Social Media Path. Remove everybody that makes you feel like you are less than yourself. You are not. You are a divine creature. You are performing an act of mystical transcendence. You are an artist.

If they do not make you feel good about yourself, you need to let that connection grow. This makes way for new better, richer connections to flow into your life.

Once that is all cleared up, you are left with people that will share your work with love, and love resonates in every corner of the universe. The more they share your love, the more you make art with love, the bigger the impact your work will have.

You only have to build it, with love, and they will literally come.


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