Making your mark on the world.

  • Luann Udell

“Today I am glad to be alive, to be with someone I love, who loves me. “

You were brought into this world to live a life of joy. Nothing else, some of us get lost and forget that simple statement and we allow others to dictate our worth. Yet once you stop letting that happen you realize that your voice, your hands, your dance, are yours alone. They are the mark you leave on this Earth, and that mark can only come alive once you accept it and own it as your mark and yours alone. There is nobody out there that can do what you do, say what you say, or be what you are, the way you are it. You are unique and beautiful in your uniqueness. The moment you own all of this, and allow yourself to be the best you can be. Your Mark starts carrying power, because, and I’ll paraphrase KRS-One here, “Once you find your truest self and embrace it, your mark no longer comes from the shell, it comes from the soul and the soul transcends everything.”

It transcends money, fame, power, it transcends everything and runs in tangent with the divinity of the universe and that can never be stopped.

Own yourself, Own your Mark, Own your Life.

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