Two Avenues of Marketing and how to Grow Sales

Analog Marketing takes place in the real world. Examples include business cards, gallery shows, print magazines, flyers, etc. Basically anything that a potential collector can interact with in a physical way.


Digital Marketing takes place online. Examples include websites, search engine marketing (which includes both SEO and pay-per-click advertising like Adwords), social media advertising, and email marketing. Basically anything that a potential collector can interact with on the internet.

To start off, there is no replacement for analog marketing. You have to be out there, you have to live the life on an artist, and sure that means being in the studio half your day with no one but yourself (lest you have a team) but it also means going out into the real world and sketching, and letting people know you as an artist. Owning your life is half the battle. So go to galleries, draw people in cafes, in the streets, in shows. Be an artist. There is no better marketing than simple existence, so exist as an artist and watch how people come to you to ask you what you do, and if you can do it for them.

Analog Marketing and Digital Marketing work best when you use them together in a very specific way. This way is based on the psychology of collectors and how they make buying decisions. It’s designed to ensure that you get their art sales.

By being an artist and living through the nature of an artist, you get tons of creative content because you’re not losing any time creating, you are simply reaping the benefits of your life. An automotive professional can show you tons of pictures of cars, their snapchat will most likely feature cars and auto shows, etc. Same goes for an artist, if you live like an artist that’s what your life will reflect, thus your digital marketing will reflect this.


Quotes from Dave Geada @FASO

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