Writing Copy Vs Writing Original

Copy in the marketing world is known as all the stuff you put on your content that is meant to sell your art. That includes blogposts, info texts, about pages, everything.

But in nature, it’s called Copy text. That means that it’s based on a formula for something, “tried and true” methods of marketing… But that’s not true, nor are they tried. Just because they worked for somebody, that does not mean that it will work for you, so why are you following those blogposts about how to write the text on your website?

My suggestion is to stop. Stop trying to emulate the greats. Do you. You are GREAT! Embrace that reality and everything else will follow. So write from your heart, write what inspires you, what motives you, what makes you grow.

This does not mean you have to stop reading those great business blogposts, no what it means is that instead of emulating them, now you can write your own content with your own voice based on the same topic. If you want to build and audience, and sound like yourself, then be yourself! No one can teach you how to be that, you have to become that. That is all on you.

Follow your nature, follow your instinct and keeping doing your thing. The truest works come from the heart. Listen to it, and then write to the beat of it.

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