Ego and Art

To be a successful artist, you must defeat your ego. You can try and put it in a bottle like some graffiti artists have done, and see it through when it needs to come out, carefully avoiding any toxic relation it might bring you into or you defeat it. One thing you must never do though is let it rule your art.

As an artist and an event producer I have to work with other artists, and one thing I hate the most is an egotistical artist. Art is magical, it is even necessary for humanity to survive and understand itself, but you are not the mightiest of beings in existence, you are human like everyone else, so chill out and do your work.

You are alive as an artist to express yourself, not repress others with your “talent”.

Chill out and just create art, if you are not comfortable with the way something is working, talking it out and if you can’t fix it, then get out. Period.

It is imperative that you do not let ego consume you, this is your name, yes. Yet your name is not your soul, and your soul must be the one thing guiding all of your activities, if you think that for one second you deserve a better treatment, a higher pay, or a luxury car because of your name, then you are dead wrong.

Nourish your soul, that will water your art, and that will grow your name. Never the other way around.

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