Grateful Living

Gratefulness means to appreciate the moment you are in. To appreciate the present, and that includes the clothes you wear, the house you live in, the friends you have. Being grateful enhances your awareness of the present moment thus rooting your consciousness in the now.

This attitude of living is essential to anyone trying to pursue their dreams. This is because life is not always as quick as we would like it to be. Sometimes we want more money and we can’t have it not because we don’t work hard but simply because we are not meant to have it at that time.

Taking an attitude of gratefulness allows you to appreciate what you have as a blessing and to enjoy each second of it. This opens space for you to feel joy, and peace both of which are key components of a life guided by divine creativity.

So next time you feel stuck, in a project, in life, in a relationship. Instead of feeling negative and letting that consume you, try and list some things that make you feel grateful for the state you are in.

Some good ones for artistic entrepreneurs are:

  • I am grateful I get to make money off of my talents.
  • I am grateful I get to express myself through my art.
  • I am grateful that I get to work from home.

Give it a try, and find yourself living your highest reality.

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