Time and Art

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“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Time is a relative phenomenon. When we are stressed time can seem to move faster and sometimes at even break neck speed. Take a look at all the hustle and bustle at a stock trader’s office. There with everything moving so fast it seems like they are on a different time space all together. Look then at a Reggae shop, and notice how everything seems to just float, like if it was suspended on a bubble.

With this relativity in mind, it is now imperative that you figure out what works best for you, what kind of time space do you wish to create?

For me personally, I enjoy to do all my work in a creative, peaceful, nourishing space. I allow this by lighting incenses when I work, putting on some relaxing good vibe music and taking moments in between my work to meditate and re-structure my thoughts.

The time space you make for yourself will directly influence the kind of art you make. You cannot make good art if you are not ok with the time you are allowing yourself, so before work today, take a breath and figure out how you would like your day to run. Many of us work at studios or in a spare room in our apartments, take advantage of sound, noise and visuals to create the atmosphere that will best serve your art.

Create with awareness.

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