What is your creative DNA?

creative dna

Simple. It’s what stirs your soul to make art.

For decades, art teachers, have been saying that you need to study masters and fundamentals to be a great artists, but this is simply not true. Why do you have to repeat the studies they already did? All that information exists in the global consciousness, you already know it. It’s deep inside you. Don’t repeat their processes, it’s simply a worthless exercise, you’ll be replicating work that you simply can’t achieve.

Da’Vinci used to steal corpses to study anatomy, you read books. See the difference? There is no way you’ll learn what he knew by reading books, and stealing corpses is not a viable option either, so instead know that you already know it. Be aware of all the information that you already posses inside yourself. You are already a great artist, you have the essence of Michael Angelo, Da’Vinci, Basquiat and countless others inside your being.

Instead work on being your self, work with your materials, do what makes you happy. Develop the new knowledge that only you can achieve. Everything else will only make you a copy of the past, be present, make the future.


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